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Who We Are

Founded in 1937, we are the oldest continuously chartered troop in Gulf Stream Council.  We are a scout-led troop, and we believe that scouts learn best by doing, even if they make mistakes.  We are also a fully integrated, co-ed troop, welcoming both male and female scouts. 

What We Do

We are an active troop.  At meetings, we play games and learn scout skills.  We also plan for our next outings.  We camp at least once a month during the school year.  On campouts, we practice scout skills, like hiking, swimming, backpacking, canoeing, and sometimes snow skiing, white water rafting, river tubing, and scuba diving (for those who are certified).  During the summer months, we go to summer camps, both locally and out of state, usually in the mountains.  Hello, cooler weather!  

We believe in service – we seek to give back to our charter organization, Memorial Presbyterian Church,  and our community.   

Come join us!

During the school year, we meet every Thursday night at 7 pm at Memorial Presbyterian Church on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University. 


New members are always welcome!

Troop 13 Mystery Campout Registration is Now Open

Posted on Mar 26 2023 - 11:53am
This is the official notice of our first-ever Troop 13 Mystery Campout. The event is top secret. The goal is to be prepared.  Registration will be limited to 5 adults and 20 youth. Each adult must have the vehicle capacity to safely carpool with more than just their own scout, at least 3 additional scouts. A waiting list will be posted to the site after all spots are taken. The camp is within a 2-hour radius of Downtown West Palm Beach. It will be a 3-day, 2-night stay, from April 28th-30th. The location will be disclosed to the drivers once registered. Every individual participating must have passed their swim test. It is a mandatory requirement for the campout. Weather is always uncertain. Be prepared for the worst: Heavy rain and many mosquitos. Food will be covered by the troop & is included in the cost. Scouts may bring snacks and must come fed Friday night. The cost is $100 per individual. Payment must be made prior to participating. Your scout’s Scout Account must have a positive balance. Carpool gas money will be extra and determined by the driver.  The packing list consists of 10 essentialsa tent, and clothing for 3 days, 2 nights. Anything else, YOU must determine for yourself if you believe it will be necessary.

Teddy Talks History

Posted on Mar 25 2023 - 9:43pm

              As a followup to last week’s Teddy Talk about the National Scout Jamboree, this blurb will be about the World Scout Jamboree. From the beginning of Scouts all the way back in England, Lord Baden Powell was envisioning a way for Scouts of all nations to gather and celebrate the the things that we all have in common. After WWI 8,000 Scouts from 32 countries all gathered to celebrate Scouting in London in 1920. Since then (except during WWII) World Scout Jamborees have been held in many countries every four years. Some examples are: The second World Jamboree in Copenhagen, Denmark, the sixth in Moisson, France in 1947 (also known as the Jamboree of Peace because it was the first Jamboree since WWII started), and finally the 25th happening in SaeManGuen, Korea in 2023! Finally, these Scout Jamborees can help us as we move through scouts to learn from the customs of and be open to those from other scouting countries.

Pack 13 Needs Your Help Today 3-26 at the Science Museum

Posted on Mar 25 2023 - 9:15pm
  • Pack 13 is having their Pinewood Derby and a Science of Scouting recruiting event this Sunday from 11:30 to 3:00 pm.  The Pack is looking for a few scouts to help with the event.  Service hours will be awarded.  Remember- Cub Scout recruiting is ultimately Troop recruiting. You can help recruit with speed.

Skillz Foolz Campout Registration Closes this Monday 3-27

Posted on Mar 25 2023 - 9:15pm

Our annual Skillz Foolz campout is next weekend.  Registration closes this Monday.  If you have not yet registered for the campout, please do so ASAP.  It is imperative that our new scouts and our youth leadership are in attendance for this campout.  In addition to our usual skills agenda, we have an added crossover of two scouts to Troop 13B.  Both scouts are from pack 120 and attended our open house in February. Register here- https://www.troop13wpb.org/node/2097.

Mandatory Swim Tests on Saturday 4-1 at 1:00 pm at Tanah Keeta

Posted on Mar 25 2023 - 9:14pm

This is your chance to complete your annual swim test.  Anyone attending Summer Camp, the Mystery Campout, or any aquatics-related campout in the coming year must be swim tested.  Please RSVP here- https://www.troop13wpb.org/node/2223

Teddy Talks History

Posted on Mar 17 2023 - 12:00pm

              For today’s blurb I thought that I would provide a brief Brief history of one of the most celebrated parts of Scouts BSA, the National Scout Jamboree. In 1937, President FDR  invited 27,000 scouts to Washington D.C. to camp out and enjoy the 25th anniversary of Boy Scouts (This gathering was originally scheduled for 1935 but was postponed due to the polio epidemic). During this first Jamboree, all of these scouts camped out around the Washington Monument and took part in many activities, such as camping and skill demonstrating. This proved to the U.S. that Boy Scouts was a strong program and would be here for years to come. Jamboree has grown to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people over the years and has found a permanent home in West Virginia. This is a reminder to us that throughout our scouting journey to show scout spirit, not only in scouts, but in our day to day lives .

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