Welcome Troop 13 Scouts and Friends

Who We Are

Founded in 1937, we are the oldest continuously chartered troop in Gulfstream Council.  We are a scout led troop, and we believe that scouts learn best by doing, even if they make mistakes.  We are also a fully integrated, co-ed troop, welcoming both male and female scouts. 

What We Do

We are an active troop.  At meetings, we play games and learn scout skills.  We also plan for our next outings.  We camp at least once a month during every month during the school year.  On these camp outs, we practice scout skills, like hiking, swimming, backpacking, and canoeing, and sometimes snow skiing, white water rafting, river tubing, and scuba diving (for those who are certified).  During the summers, we go to summer camps, both locally and out of state, usually in the mountains.  Hello cooler weather!  

We believe in service – we seek to give back to our charter organization, Memorial Presbyterian Church,  and our community.   

Come join us!

Normally, we meet every Thursday night at 7pm at Memorial Presbyterian Church on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University. 


We have been doing online meetings during Covid lockdown.

New members are always welcome!

Flag Day Ceremony on June 14th

Posted on Jun 12 2021 - 9:15pm

Troop 13 is honored to have been invited to help perform a flag ceremony, including the retirement of flags, at the Palmdale Masonic Lodge in West Palm Beach on Monday, June 14th from 5:45 to 7:00 pm.  We hope that all of our scouts will join us for this patriotic event.  Service hours will be given to those in attendance.  Please RSVP for the event using our troop website. Please note the new meeting time of 5:45 pm.

UPDATED- CONGRATULATIONS to our NEW Troop 13B and 13G PLC's !!

Posted on May 23 2021 - 5:56am

Senior Patrol Leaders- Jolie Copin and David Nguyen; Assitant Senior Patrol Leaders- McKenna Nelson and Jack Markee, Troop Scribes- Sasha DiMare and Joey DiMare; Quartermaster- Sidney Caseres and Alexander Willians; Historians- Sasha DiMare and Joey DiMare; Chaplain's Aid- Victoria Reynolds and Sebastian Reynolds; Webmaster- Sasha DiMare; Bugler- Sophie Neto; OA Rep.- Sebastian Reynolds; Troop Guides- Jacen Crisafi, Joey DiMare, Sebastian Reynolds, Luke Krayeski; Junior Assistant Scoutmasters- Aarnav Gautam and Jeffrey Larrabee

Advancement Note

Posted on May 15 2021 - 9:53pm
Dear Scouts,  All Awards, Merit Badges, and Rank Advancements are due by 7 pm on Thursday, May 27 to be awarded at the Court of Honor on June 10. Please email the Advancement team to send us all the paperwork for any items completed by May 27. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help. Check your scout book to make sure it is up to date and that everything you completed is correct in Scoutbook. If you see something missing please contact us and we can work together on figuring out what is missing. Everything must be figured out and submitted by May 27.

Yours in Scouting, Advancement team

Tracking physical activity, new scouts and the personal fitness merit badge

Posted on Apr 2 2021 - 10:04pm

Tracking physical activity is required for the tenderfoot, second class, and first class ranks as well as the physical fitness merit badge.  This is one of the least favorite requirements for most scouts.  We have a pro tip to make this chore as fruitful as possible:  pull a blue card for the personal fitness merit badge NOW.  If you do this correctly, you can count the tracking you do for your rank advancements towards this eagle required merit badge.  Do it incorrectly, and you will be tracking twice.  Timing is key!  Scouts who have failed to follow this advice in the past have regretted it later.  Troop 13 is fortunate to have two personal fitness MB counselors within our troop: Mr. Taylor and Mr. Nelson.  Contact either one of these merit badge counselors or the advancement team for more details.  And happy tracking!

Camping Payments

Posted on Apr 2 2021 - 10:04pm

A reminder to new and old parents.  All camping must be registered AND paid through the website and not via check or through paypal directly. We apologize for any mixed messages you may have received on this issue.  When you don't pay through the website it creates significant problems for adult leadership, delays your registration, and just plain wastes time.  The troop pays for the website to avoid these issues. .   If you don't know how to pay through the website, there are instructions in the files section of the website or you can call Mrs. Bell and she will help you.  If there are problems with the website, we need to know so we can address the issue with the web host.  There are only two exceptions to this rule.  First, we will take payment directly for summer camps and high adventure when the camp allows this process to save parents from paying credit card processing fees.  Second, scouts who have earned money through fundraising can pay from their scout accounts.  Please note that scout accounts are for fundraising proceeds and camping refunds ONLY--this is not a private banking service.  If you want to pay via a scout account, you have to follow these procedures EVERY TIME: (1) email Mr. Taylor (troop treasurer) and cc Mrs. Bell to ask if there are sufficient funds in the scout account to pay for that campout--include the cost of the campout and the name of the campout in your email; (2) after Mr. Taylor agrees there are sufficient funds, then register for camping with a note that the money is to be paid from the scout account; (3) make sure Mr. Taylor's email response is copied to Mrs. Bell or is forwarded to Mrs. Bell.  If you accidentally pay the wrong way, make sure you forward a copy of your receipt to Mrs. Bell.   Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. 

Registration for Summer Camps is NOW OPEN

Posted on Mar 19 2021 - 11:18pm

Troop 13 will be attending summer camp at Camp La No Che June 27- July 3 and Camp Rainey Mountain July 11-17.  These are beautiful and highly regarded camps.  If you want to go to Rainey Mountain, you must have successfully completed a week of camp in the past or have prior Scoutmaster approval.  Registering for summer camp is a 3 step process.  First, research the camps and make your decision.  Google them and download and read the program guides for each camp--they are located in the files section of the website.  Second, pay your fees on our Troop 13 website in time for merit badge selection in March.  Just click on each summer camp on the website calendar to register and pay.  Third, send your merit badge selections to Mrs. Bell in a timely manner so you get the classes you want.   The best merit badge classes fill up fast so please don't delay.

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